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Board and Staff

The Commission for Educational Exchange between the United States and Argentina is managed by a Board of Directors composed of ten members, five U.S. citizens and five Argentine citizens. The U.S. Ambassador is the Honorary Chair of the Commission, and is responsible for appointing the Board Members. Usually, Board Members represent academia, business, diplomatic and professional fields. The Board supervises and administers the development of the Fulbright Program in Argentina.


Norma González, Executive Director

Melina Ginszparg, Program Officer – Educational Adviser

Leonel Belmonte, Accountant

Laura Moraña, Assistant to Executive Director

Marisa Kandel, Program Assistant

Juan Manuel Couso, Technical Support and Program Assistant

Alexia Sánchez, Administrative Assistant

Mariana Ledesma, Administrative Assistant

Giselle Dubinsky, EducationUSA Academic Advisor 

Maria Elena Acevedo, Administrative Assistant

BEC.AR Program
Katie Arango
Maria de la Paz Arias

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