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The friends of the Argentine Fulbright commission are:

  • Individuals who feel identified with our mission of promoting world peace and supporting the training of qualified human resources through academic and cultural exchanges.
  • People and organizations from both countries that, based on their appreciation for the Fulbright mission, can contribute funding or other resources to make the program more sustainable.
  • The U.S. and the Argentine governments who, regardless of political beliefs or affiliation, have maintained and even increased their support to this initiative over more than sixty years.
  • U.S. and Argentine fellows who could achieve their life goals thanks to the Fulbright award and who have become social leaders, respected scholars, teachers and professionals that can inspire others.
  • Potential grantees that we want to attract into our community because we are confident that we have something unique to offer: an in-depth exposure to a different culture, an opportunity to rethink and/or reshape their careers, a tool for personal and professional growth.

Nuestros Socios: