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U.S. Alumni News

Feature, Students, Investigadores, School Pincipals & Teachers — By on July 6, 2010 at 2:29 PM

Steve Coger

We are delighted to feature Steve Coger, a student from the U.S., who in 2009 won the Fulbright Teaching Assistant award. Steve spent the year in Argentina as a member of a fourteen student team who came to our country with the mission to help future English teachers improve their English skills. He was assigned to San Fernando Rey, a teacher training college in Resistencia, Chaco. There in Chaco, He came to understand the people, listened to their stories, and adopted their culture. Steve’s meaningful experience in Argentina shaped him to be the passionate person he is today!

Regina Root

Regina Root is a respected U.S. Scholar, Distinguished Associate Professor of Modern Languages and Literatures at The College of William and Mary and the Author of “Couture and Consensus” (University of Minnesota Press, 2010), a book on which she was interviewed by the Latin American Book Review.
Link to interview.

Regina did most of her research about Argentine colonial fashion and dressing codes (which inspired this book and others writings) with the support of a Fulbright Student award in 1995, the year that she spent in Buenos Aires and awakened her passion for our country.

Photo by Joseph McClain 
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