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The Fulbright Program offers fellowships for U.S. citizens to study, conduct research, or teach English in Argentina for an academic year. If you are a graduating college senior, a graduate student, a young professional or an artist with an interest in gaining international experience, you can request a Student or English Teaching Assistant award. Apply through IIE’s website. There are two types of Fulbright grants to Argentina. 7 Fulbright Full Grants 15 Fulbright English Teaching Assistantships.

Fulbright Full Grants (Students)

Profile Applications are welcome from all degree levels, including Ph.D. candidates. The Fulbright Commission in Argentina encourages applications for study/research outside of Buenos Aires. Affiliation All applicants are expected to secure an affiliation with an academic institution, research institute, or appropriate organization. Information on Argentine universities. Language Proficient spoken and written Spanish. Grant period 9 months. Fellows must arrive during February or early March. The grant period starts with an orientation at the Fulbright Commission. Attendance at the orientation program is required of all grantees.

Fulbright English Teaching Assistantships


Graduating seniors and Master’s level graduate students with an interest in working in an educational environment. Candidates with degrees in English, Spanish, education, or TEFL/applied linguistics, with some experience teaching or tutoring are preferred.


Proficiency in Spanish is strongly recommended. Successful candidates must be English-speakers with native fluency.

Grant period

8 months. Mid-March to mid-November 2012. The grant period starts with an orientation organized by the Fulbright Commission. Attendance at the orientation program is required of all English Teaching Assistants.


Grantees will be assigned to English Teacher Training Colleges in the Argentine provinces where they will work as language-learning assistants. The Fulbright Commission will match the grantee with the appropriate host institution based on the academic profile of the selected candidate and the host institution’s needs.

Supplementary project

English Teaching Assistants will work 20 hours per week; therefore, grantees are expected to engage in other activities related to their personal, career, and/or educational interests.

Dependents No dependent allowance is available.

Competititon timeline: http://us.fulbrightonline.org/competition-timeline


Susan Muendl

Senior Program Officer

Phone +1-212-984-5366

Email smuendl@iie.org

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