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Host participants for the 2018 Friends of Fulbright (FoF) Undergraduate Student Exchange program.

Friends of Fulbright Undergraduate Student Exchange Program


Program Description/Executive Summary: The U.S.-Argentina Fulbright Commission invites proposal submissions from accredited Public and Private institutions of higher education in the United States to host participants for the 2018 Friends of Fulbright (FoF) Undergraduate Student Exchange program.  This program is implemented by the Fulbright Commission with funding from the Argentine Ministry of Education, U.S. Embassy, Argentina, and private donors.


The Friends of Fulbright Undergraduate Student Exchange program is a 6-7 week educational exchange program that will take place in the United States anytime between January 15th and March 20th 2018 for 300 Argentine undergraduate students, ages 20-26.  The goal of the program is to expose high-achieving Argentine students to the U.S. educational system, as well as increase cross-cultural communication between Argentina and the United States.  Proposals that demonstrate how they will bring the university’s regular student population and these students together are encouraged.  


Each participant audits classes in his field of study, attends English classes, participates in cultural enrichment activities, and ideally lives in campus housing.  The participants will be undergraduate students in their 3rd or 4th year of university (roughly equivalent to Junior year) in all majors. They will have advanced English, equivalent to 80 TOEFL

Noting regional variations in cost of living, the maximum per student cost should be no more than $5800 per student.   The budget should include all the costs with the exception of international travel: housing, meal plans, required books/material, insurance, cultural programs, local transportation, pickup and drop off from the airport

Each cohort will be composed of 15-25 undergraduate students.  The program will recruit students from all majors.  Therefore, proposals should include any limitations on courses/majors the university can best accommodate during the January term. 

Pending successful implementation of this program and the availability of funds in subsequent fiscal years, there is the intent to renew these agreements.



July10 – 10 September: The Fulbright Commission receives proposals.

September 20: Commission announces finalists.

October: Participants matched with universities.

For more information, please contact the Fulbright Commission at Norma Gonzalez Executive Director ngonzalez@fulbright.com.ar Tel. 54-11-4814-3561



  1. Strengthen knowledge of the U.S. educational system so that when students are ready for graduate and post-graduate degrees, they have a level of familiarity with the U.S. system;
  2. Provide opportunities for Argentine youth and U.S. counterparts to collaborate, network, and share ideas, approaches, and strategies;
  3. Foster a deeper understanding of the United States culture and society in the next generation of Argentine educators, leaders, activists, etc.;
  4. Help fulfill the goals of 100,000 Strong in the Americas initiative.


Program Details

As detailed below, the program will include an educational program, with a cultural component.  In addition, there should be a virtual pre-departure component with the educational institutions.


The program should include a full schedule of classes. The students will audit classes in their specific fields of study.  It is also advisable that some of the classes either be English classes  or classes on general topics of U.S. culture, society, and/or political system.


Cultural Component

This requirement may be fulfilled through  field trips, seminars, home stays, or other events/gatherings that fosters a better understanding of United States culture in general. 



On-campus housing, meal plans, insurance, health requirements, transportation once on-campus and pick up and drop off at the airport must be addressed. The US Embassy will be in charge of assisting with SEVIS-related issues, and issuing participant DS-2019 forms;


Award Recipient Responsibilities will include but are not limited to the following:


  1. In close collaboration with the Fulbright Commission, design, plan, implement, monitor, and evaluate an educational exchange program for one cohort of participants that will expose them to the U.S. educational system;
  2. Proposing institutions should be able to demonstrate institutional capacity to host an international group like this. Citing specific examples of similar programs will be useful in the evaluation of proposals;
  3. Provide an academic program for each participant;
  4. Provide on-campus housing and a campus meal plan for each participant. In universities where meal plans are not offered, organizations should propose a plan and budget for meals;
  5. Provide health insurance for participants (should include comprehensive illness and accident insurance policy that includes repatriation and medical evacuation). Proposal should include specifics on coverage;
  6. Provide a list of all required vaccinations in advance of program;
  7. Provide cultural programming;
  8. Provide all required books/materials OR allowance for same;
  9. If required by the host institution, provide English language testing upon arrival;
  10. Conduct short (one hour) pre-departure virtual orientation for participants, answering their questions on programmatic issues, including, but not limited to, program responsibilities and expectations, travel in the United States, accident and sickness benefits, housing, etc.;
  11. Utilize the Web and other outreach tools to facilitate communication among participants and host organizations prior to their arrival in the United States, including the posting of program and community resources, any pre-program assignments, etc;
  12. Arrange local travel to/from the airport of arrival in the United States to the host institution and note mode of local transportation (and associated costs) for participants;
  13. Consult closely with the Fulbright Commission on developing a comprehensive outreach strategy for highlighting participant achievements while in the United States and after their return home, including the use of online and other social media platforms;
  14. Monitor participants during duration of the Program;
  15. To the extent possible, create meaningful cross-cultural opportunities between the Argentine students and the host’s regular student population;
  16. Manage financial aspects of the program (including timely disbursement of participant stipends, housing allowances, accident and sickness benefits, hosting agreements, and other activity costs) and promptly report any irregularities in the budget or spending to Fulbright;
  17. Participate in a pre-, mid-, and post-program review with Embassy and Fulbright Commission (in person, by telephone, or video-conference) to identify any programmatic and/or budgetary matters of concern;
  18. Provide programmatic, financial and statistical information to the Embassy and Fulbright Commission outlining general programmatic activities conducted during the program;
  19. Respond fully and promptly to ad hoc requests for program information from the Embassy or Fulbright Commission;
  20. Ensure compliance with the terms of the Agreement, including, but not limited to, submitting timely financial and program reports and proper budget oversight; 

Recruitment and Selection of Participants

The Fulbright Commission, along with partners, will recruit and select participants.  Participants will represent the cultural and geographical diversity of Argentina.   In addition to a written application, finalist will receive an oral interview.  In addition, participants must provide proof of English proficiency.  Please note, participants of this program will not be required to provide TOEFL scores.


Anticipated profile of students to be recruited:

Age – 20 – 26

Major:  All majors

Year: Third and fourth year (roughly equivalent to junior year)

English: Advanced English (equivalent to 80 in the IBT and 550 in the ITP)

GPA: Very good grades, at least “7” in the Argentine scale

Travel: Preferred: No previous travel to the United States or minimal travel to the United States.

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